Carme Rubert Sureda


The seed of what we are now begins on March 24, 1924 when the administrators of the inheritance of Carme Rubert Sureda, Mossèn Francisco Pou Arrom, Vicar of Sant Jaume’s Parish, Juan Massanet Moragues, former mayor of Palma, and Mrs. Rubert’s relative M. Dolores de la Peña y de la Peña, following her last wishes and her choice to donate their heritage for the creation of a foundation of charitable and religious character, agreed to earmark part of the Rubert heritage for the creation of an asylum. This is how the “Hort de El Terreno” estate becomes the Natzaret School, dedicated, as its statutes mention, “to satisfy the physical needs of the asylees and give them a moral and intellectual education and the means to exercise worthily a profession or trade, within the strictest Catholic fundaments”.

Jaume Bosch Vanrell


The hardships of the postwar period caused an increased in the number of asylum seekers and aggravate the shortcomings of our society. This fact revealed the necessity to create a new institution to help students in Natzaret School. Facing with this difficult situation, in 1946 Jaume Bosch Vanrell willed his patrimony to Natzaret, in such a way that the economic revenue was invested in the support of the highest number of students. Finally, in 1955 the Bosch Vanrell Foundation was officially assigned to Natzaret Foundation.

Magdalena Frontera Ensenyat


In 1987 Magdalena Frontera Ensenyat gives part of her inheritance to the Foundation, thus completing a life of frequent donations and dedication to our entity.