Llar Llevant (*”Llevant Home”)


Boys and girls between the ages of 3 and 13 years old.

Emancipation project: Young people between 14 and 18 years old.


It provides minors a comprehensive education, covering or supervising all their basic, biological, psychological and social needs with a special emphasis on individualized work with each child.
In the emancipation project, all the skills and competences guided to strengthen the autonomy of the young person are worked, focusing on the educational plan and the social and employment guidance.


Each child or young person has a special way of thinking, feeling and acting. Regardless of the evolutionary point of view, there are some cognitive, affective and behavioral patterns with a certain degree of similarities, and we consider that there is a natural diversity. For this reason we want to offer quality educational attention to this diversity based on the adaptation to the different maturity rhythms, cognitive styles, sociocultural conditions, etc. We achieve it by applying a qualitative methodology taking into account the needs of each person and, consequently, by offering answers through the foresight of actions related to the individual working plans.