Per un futur (*”For a future”)


Young people of both sexes, aged between 13 and 17 years old with an open proceeding in public administration (IMAS) subject to protection measures by the Child Protection Service of the Insular Council of Mallorca.


This project consists on a plan dedicated to the specialized and complete attention to young people who need residential care of high educational intensity for the development of the necessary skills to facilitate their transition to the adult life.


We propose an innovative project that breaks up with the traditional education structure and gives both young people and their families the main role in the management of possible conflict situations. It has a comprehensive view of the person. By visualizing the conflict from the family, local / residential and school environments, it contributes to improve the climate of cohabitation and provides practical and socializing tools for young people. One of its most notable results is that young people are protagonists and builders of their own lives.

We specially emphasize the emotional development, fomenting their maximum autonomy. This plan offers a safe environment where the minors can develop healthily, covering or supervising their physical, social, educational, emotional and biological needs. The plan also gives an individually adapted answer to the reality of children to impede irreversible processes of exclusion or rejection.