Pisos d’emancipació i autonomia
(*”Flats for emancipation and autonomy”)


The project is aimed at young people of both sexes between 18 and 21 years old who have gone through foster situations supported by the Mallorcan Institute of Social Affairs (Institut Mallorquí d’Afers Socials). It is planned for a maximum of 11 people.


To help the young person in the process of obtaining of skills for emancipation.


At the age of 18, by legal imperative, young people have to leave the center where they have lived until the age of majority. Facing with the obligatory leaving of the center, the difficulty that emancipation can signify for these young people is evident, since in many cases, the personal autonomy required for independence has not been consolidated yet. They also experience other difficulties on applying for a job or getting a dwelling. This difficulty is more noticeable when there is no family and social support.
The flats in this plan provide a tool for the consolidation of the personal autonomy that leads to full and effective integration. Housing and educational attention through the system of skills and support for social and labor insertion are offered. The plans means a bridge between the leaving of the protection center and a fully independent life.

Fundació Natzaret owns three flats:
Two of them belong to the plan “Casal del jove” (“Youngster house”) and are designed for 7 assigned people of both sexes; the third one belongs to the plan “Camí a l’autonomia” (“On the way to autonomy”) and it is designed for 4 people whose appropiate skills to be part of projects of autonomy have not been acquired due to their social and personal characteristics and who need regular and more intensive monitoring.