Pista d’aterratge (*”Runway”)


Teenagers of both sexes, aged between 13 and 17 years old.


Working with the autonomy of young people, achieving a correct and positive social and labor insertion, and help them in their processes of emancipation and transition to adult life.


A personalized education is provided, offering the young people a comprehensive, compensatory and progressive care that facilitates and promotes significant changes in their processes of acquiring autonomy. With special mention to the emotional development, we encourage them to the maximum to be autonomous. This plan also provides a safe environment for childre to develop in a healthy way, covering or supervising their physical, social, educational and biological needs. It is important to give them a response that prevents processes of exclusion or irreversible rejection. The project tries to offer them equal opportunities (related to the obtaining of a job, studies, social insertion…), considering that due to their trajectory, they often see themselves in a position of inferiority or lack of opportunities.