ASPROM and Fundació Natzaret offer Enabling Services and Occupational Therapy created to deal with those people who need retraining to return to the labor market. In this cases this service has a limited duration until the achieving the individual goals. It is also aimed to help people in a stable phase with the objective to get a benefit from occupational therapy and maintain their skills.



Enabling Service and Occupational Therapy is directed towards people with physical disabilities and/or multi-disabilities and provides educational and therapeutic support in order to achieve the maximum independence as possible and socio-labor insertion.

Pre-employment Skills: Multiple activities focused on the developing of competences and skills for the integration of the participants in the labor market and their community.

Leisure and links: A set of activities destined to participants’ leisure, providing them a space where they can establish and strengthen relations with external people to the service and through outings, cooking workshops of activities, playful activities and other sort of activities.

Social and emotional skills: the objective is the personal development and the improving of the skills to keep the social family, the functional work and the relationships of the person.

Employment and training: The main purpose is to acquire the basic skills that allow participants to access to a job. We offer training related to building maintenance, laundry, furniture restoration, gardening and landscaping, and other artistic creation activities with the final objective of getting a paid job.

Psychological attention: To achieve the maximum comfort and autonomous learning strategies, psychological therapies will be present during the different phases of the falicitator’s process and they will be coordinated with other actions and supports for the adaptation to the needs of each participant, described in the Personal Programme Activities. (Addictions, group therapy and individualized therapy).

Physiotherapy: This program is offered both inside as outsourced service for participants who need to develop, maintain or regain their functionality and mobility.
We also provide, if it’s necessary, food service and transfers.



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